Music Tonight: Wednesday, Dec. 20 (Last Evening of Hannukah)



Krampus is the dark abusive Old World twin of Santa Claus who delivers corporal punishment to wicked children during the yuletide. "Krampmus" is a portmanteau word of Krampus and Christmas, presumably invented by the good people at the Miniplex who are staging a Krampmus Holiday Revue tonight there at 7 p.m. The show features the weird-sisters synth sounds of Blood Gnome, the dazzling musical wizardry of Dr. Foxmeat's Monochromatic Rainbow and the live soundtrack projector stories of wildly talented cartoonist Violet Crabtree's project The Comix Trip. Additionally, there will be sets by stand-up comedians Dev Elizabeth Richards, Matt Redbeard and Talvi Fried ($10, $6.66 advance). There'll also be a "mall Krampus," upon whose lap you can sit and get your picture taken while presumably asking for what you absolutely do not want for Krampmus.

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