Music Tonight: Saturday, Jan. 13


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Drum 'n ' bass is making a sort of comeback in the local DJ scene and I couldn't be happier. I prefer my electronic dance music to be low-concept and deep, pounding into my skull until all the connections are frayed and the only impulse left is the override switch designed to make your ass shake. At 9:30 tonight, Humbrews presents an evening of Brews 'N Bass with Cassidy Blaze and openers McG and Esch. Come get down and shake what your mama gave you and your daddy told you to hide ($8). In other welcome news from the Yeo household, The Alibi has been booking more rock shows lately and the quality has been very high. Tonight is no exception, as local vocal-less night trippers Ultramafic open for San Diego's heavy psych band Monarch as its winter west coast tour stops by our wet little hamlet at 11 p.m. ($5). Providing tour support is the band Color, whose sound is approximately what an interstellar rainbow would sound like fed through a tape deck.

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