Music Tonight: Sunday, Jan. 14


Seabury Gould and Laurie Lewis - SUBMITTED
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  • Seabury Gould and Laurie Lewis

Gallagher's Pub offers its Irish and Celtic music session starting today at 3 p.m. (free). Hosted by local musician Seabury Gould, this informal jam meet is the perfect thing for the casual or serious musicians and fans alike. Come listen or help play some tunes from the Emerald Isle for the Emerald Triangle.

Phatsy Kline's Parlor Lounge in the Historic Eagle House has been cropping up on my radar a lot lately and it's no wonder. From downtempo DJ nights to singer-songwriter shows, the people at Phatsy's have been booking some intriguing acts. Tonight might be the one where I come out to see what all the fuss is about, as they host veteran jazz vocalist Bill Allison at 7 p.m. (free).

For the last 30 years, Laurie Lewis has been one of the big names in bluegrass and its derivative genres of American music. A fiddle player blessed with a lovely singing voice, Ms. Lewis brings her band The Right Hands to The Old Steeple tonight at 7:30 ($20), where she will sing heartbreakers and mythmakers for you with her perfectly scored and slightly burred voice. Not a lot of women get this far in the relative man's world of bluegrass and even fewer win Grammys and the acclaim of their musical peers. Come see one who has.

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