Music Tonight: Saturday, Jan. 20


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Medieval European wellness habits were fairly terrible and might seem, to modern readers, antithetical to the promotion of actual health and well-being. From bloodletting and trepanning to medicines taken from the animal kingdom — dung compresses for festering wounds and boar bile enemas for general upkeep (shout out to Dr. Kellogg) — the ancient Greek-obsessed healers of yore had some fairly gross and horrible cures and treatments. Gross and horrible is also an excellent description for the band name of Seattle's excellent guitar and drum noise duo Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out, who play a free show at Blondies at 7:30 p.m. tonight. The awesome lineup for tonight's bloodletting, skull-popping health seminar includes Coos Bay's while I see sound with locals Smooth Weirdos and Blackplate. I'll probably be there, chock full of bile.

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