Music Tonight: Saturday, Feb. 3


Bruce Cockburn - SUBMITTED
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  • Bruce Cockburn

For more than five decades Canadian national treasure Bruce Cockburn has been writing and performing music marked by complex and sometimes percussive acoustic guitar, intricate and tender arrangements, and lyrics that harken to themes of ecological threats, social justice and the good sort of Christian spirituality. A favorite rainy-day song of mine is the instrumental "Water Into Wine," a song that manages to be at once evocative of old Spanish tunes and American piano rags, while sitting in a nest of contemporary tones and modern motifs. He plays the Van Duzer tonight at 8 p.m. and if you can get a ticket ($49) I suggest you go because the man ain't getting any younger.

Meanwhile at The Jam, Jamaica's dancehall deejay extraordinaire Delly Ranx shares the stage at 9 p.m. with some luminaries of the local reggae and dancehall scene, including Stevie Culture, Lacy Redhead, One Wise Sound and others ($7).

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