Music Tonight: Saturday, March 17


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It's that other green-themed holiday celebrating intoxication with a faint nod to a foreign culture. But unlike 4/20, this day usually gets a little feistier and has nothing to do with listening to reggae and getting high. Instead it's amateur happy hour for people who probably shouldn't drink and — this could be the weed talking because I am feeling super mellow right now — I kind of hate this holiday as it plays out in America, and for a guy named Collin I don't really love Irish-American drinking culture. Anyway, there are some fun shows tonight so let's move past my stoned Grinchiness.

Blondies has an all-ages indie rock show tonight at 7:30 p.m. with The Band Ice Cream (I checked that name twice and it's not me, that's its name) from San Francisco, The Killer Stars from Sacramento and locals Kenny Bowling and Super Senior ($5).

(UPDATE 3/16: Cancelled due to medical problems. Sorry, fans.) For the older set, the Van Duzer Theatre hosts multi-instrumentalist and hired studio gun from the golden age of rock and folk music, the 1970s (why do I keep bringing up the 1970s in this piece? Where did this weed come from and what is wrong with my brain?), David Lindley, who brings his master-craft to the stage at 8 p.m. ($36).

Humbrews hosts Portland's premier funky Talking Heads cover band LDW to perform a set of — you guessed it — Talking Heads tunes with a few surprises thrown in starting at 9:30 p.m. ($15.) Will the band toss in a Pogues song to honor the holiday? Only one way to find out.

And finally, tonight at 11 p.m., The Alibi brings back its punk rock DJ night Radio Clash for a special Irish punk night. Zero One, DJ Anya and Gabe Pressure bring da noise ($2). What noise? Da Irish punk noise, I suppose. Oh boy, I am high.


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