Music Tonight: Wednesday, April 11


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Speaking of Blue Lake, that big bright casino has some fun planned tonight as Humboldt's reggae and dub act Woven Roots plays a free show in the Wave Lounge this evening at 8 p.m. If you are in the mood for something friskier, you can experience Australia's approximation of an endless bachelorette party by following whichever of your senses will lead you at the same hour to the casino's Sapphire Palace room and to the baby-oiled, toned and tanned bods of the men in Thunder From Down Under. I won't go near the show with a 10-foot crocodile pole but don't let boring and pale old me decide your fate for you. With a ticket price ranging from $30 for general admission to a five-person $250 VIP package, there is bound to be an experience awaiting any worshipers of Eros to Adonis to grown-up Ganymede and all points in between.

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