More RCMF Photos to Jazz up Your Day


Dipping into the Jack & Jill dance competition. - PHOTO BY MARK LARSON
  • Photo by Mark Larson
  • Dipping into the Jack & Jill dance competition.

Attendees at the 28th annual Redwood Coast Music Festival were greeted on Saturday and Sunday with bright sunshine to accompany the last two days of traditional festival jazz and new events. Saturday featured the second day of Redwood Coast Blues performances and the Saturday Swing Out dance special at the Sequoia Center. Look back at the fun in the slideshow below.

Bishop Mayfield & Friends led off the blues performance, providing a sound track to memory lane for many in the audience who listened to his performances in Old Town years ago.

Saturday also featured fun people watching opportunities at the Swing Dance Contest, where many talented young and old dancers showed off their moves. The festival closed on Sunday afternoon with a Grand Finale, as eight bands played one after another without a break.

The RCMF is planning to move to the month of May in 2019, so watch for dates.

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