Music Tonight: Friday, April 13


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Apart from the spooky mumbo jumbo about Friday the 13th mentioned earlier, the day Friday itself is named after the Scando-Germanic goddess Freya (or Frigga or Frija) who, aside from being married to ultra-god Odin, was also considered to be a sort of barbarian version of the goddess Venus by the Romans. Love personified: What's not to be feared? Fear not though, gentle readers, it's Arts Arcata night and here are three aprés art-stroll shows to help your heart go tick tock regularly.

Fantastic roots-rock maestros Kingfoot play a free show at Redwood Curtain Brewery at 8 p.m.

Maybe start a new tradition for the 13th of the month at The Jam for $5 at 9 p.m. with local reggae jammers New Traditions, as the band plays the supporting role for Jamaican vocalist Prince Levy. And finally, head over to The Griffin to hear DJ Goldylocks and East One spin fat wax tracks for a special free Arts After Dark session. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like a WW II-era jazz tune? It's also at 9 p.m., by the way.

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