Music Tonight: Saturday, April 14


  • Photo by Beau Saunders, courtesy of the artist

Local singer-songwriter Melanie Barnett hosts a special album release show for her debut Grayscale at the Sanctuary tonight at 7 p.m. Just $10 gets you in the door with a CD in hand and do not worry, I am told by the artist that the album is named after the complex moral shades of gray in our lives and not the zombifying leprosy disease in Game of Thrones so you will not require any special cleansing afterward.

Meanwhile, down south at The Mateel, you can spend $25 to see Andre Nickatina work his way through his deep catalog of tracks at 7 p.m. I am not a gambling man but I do study history and if it repeats itself then the odds are good that opener Smoove-E will be the more exciting act to see live.

Finally, tonight the fates have convened to deliver us a show at 11 p.m. at The Alibi with two local bands that just belong together. Hollow Down is a fuzzy trio that sounds like a rockabilly band if it dropped the bullshit greaser act and just got high and cool, and Opossum Sun Trail is a San Pedro cactus growing out of the skull that is your eternal youth in love with an endless summer of music ($5). Ahhh.

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