Music Tonight: Saturday, April 21


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Winnipeg's Mulligrub makes the trek south from the Cree land of muddy water to play its brand of emo pop for you at the Outer Space tonight. Fellow travelers Señor Fin from Seattle bring a big, hushed and pretty rock sound down from rain town and local songwriting act Blood Honey (now with drums!) rounds out the bill nicely. And 7 p.m. for $7 sound like some lucky numbers to me.

The Miniplex hosts an international night of prog-ed up psych-rock vapor trails as the four Findlay sisters from fabulous Australia bring their band Stonefield to the stage at 8 p.m. ($10). Local Arcata phantasms Ms. God weave a tale of creation for you, as well.

The Monster Women invites you to a vinyl LP release show at the Siren's Song this evening at 9 p.m. (price TBA). Providing support for this wax track party will be Arcata's cool two-car-and-one-synth garage band act Super Senior and homegrown guerillas Blackplate, fresh off a pilgrimage to Chi-town to record with Mr. Steve Albini.

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