Music Tonight: Thursday, May 3


Rag Doll Revue - SUBMITTED
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  • Rag Doll Revue

The bawdy musical comedy variety artform called burlesque has undergone many mutations over the years but the modern American format seems to be more or less a ribald song and dance striptease send-up of popular institutions. Tonight at Humbrews, the Rag Doll Revue presents Rag Doll High, a presumably blue and adult take on the traditional high school prom. There will be many performers with stage names full of puns and innuendos, it will be hosted by someone named Jamie Bondage, the show will kick off at 9:30 p.m. and the door price will be $13. Everything else about the night will have to be witnessed personally by those of you 21 and up. Huzzah.

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