Music Tonight: Monday, May 14


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Music-wise, it's a quiet night on the far-western front but since I have pumped everything from dance to puppetry to burlesque here, let me suggest another medium that's all about the timing and the rhythm: I speak of the boozy and lurid world of the professional truthteller, the stand-up comic. Kyle Kinane is very funny and has been here on the North Coast before, so he should pull a fun crowd. Providing support will be comics Jessica Grant and Dave Stone, and the whole shebang fires off at Humbrews at 9 p.m. ($22). I've never tried comedy myself but I have often imagined taking some cues from the ancient Catskill comedians from the bygone Borscht Belt and punctuating my obnoxious bon mots with a spinning bowtie or a button that makes my pants fall down. It's one of those ideas that (barely) looks good on paper and would probably suck in execution, but a man can dream, can't he?

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