Hedwig Postponed Due to Injury


  • Courtesy of North Coast Repertory Theatre
  • Morgan Cox as Hedwig.

It looks like the 20-odd stitches Hedwig and the Angry Inch star Morgan Cox got last week haven't quite healed up enough to go on with the show. During last Saturday's performance at North Coast Repertory Theatre, a staged struggle over a bottle went awry when the bottle accidentally slipped from actor Jo Kuzelka's grip and hit Cox in the face, leaving him with a nasty lower lip gash. Doctors initially cleared him to go on stage tonight but rescinded that decision today.

Director Rae Robison says she's a little relieved — as punk rock as it would be to belt out numbers all night with a face full of angry stitches, it's just too soon for Cox's health. He'll need an extra week to recover but will be on for next weekend. NCRT staff are calling ticket holders to let them know their passes will be honored for a later performance and another weekend has been added for the popular show. Check the www.ncrt.net website for details.

Robison is looking forward to seeing Cox back in the stage lights. "We've already changed the makeup design and solved all those problems," she says, and there'll be extra rehearsals next week to keep everyone limber and ready to rock on. Read this week's review of Hedwig here

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