Music Tonight: Wednesday, May 30


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There are a couple of fun ones tonight at 7 p.m. to appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes with distortion-driven sweetmeats, low-end chunks and sweet, old twang. Local metalhead Sam Bryson celebrates his birthday at The Siren's Song as his band Dullahan gets in on the fun with Oakland metal legends Necrot. Burning Hash and DMT share the smoke as well ($7).

And at the Outer Space, touring solo bass powerhouse CJ Boyd hits the deep notes while dusty swingers Opossum Sun Trail play a post-tour set with guest drum maestro Tavan Anderson from White Manna whacking the sun spurs and goat skins. Rainbow night-tripper mister moonbeam walks and whistles through the stardust valley to a Neverland-endless heaven of a dreaming Patsy Cline.

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