Music Tonight: Friday, June 1


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There are a triad of free shows for you tonight for the first Friday of the first summer month. It's art night in Trinidad and the JD Jeffries Band will be playing at the Trinidad Art Gallery at 6 p.m. Harpist Howdy Emerson is also billed to play and with a name like Howdy, I assume they mean the mouth-harp or harmonica and not the stringed variety but I could be wrong. Wanna find out?

The Celtic sounds of Port Mooncall will fill the warm wooden spaces of Café Mokka at 8 p.m. and give a soundtrack to the reflection of the waning Flower Moon playing on the pond outside.

And finally, the incomparable local pre-modern jazzy act Belles of the Levee will bring their delightful songbook to the Logger Bar at 9 p.m. to help keep the floorboards warm with dancing.

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