Music Tonight: Tuesday, June 12


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My memories of the 1980s are fairly ephemeral eight-bit flickers in a wash of cathode-tube TV sunshine but if there is one idea that locks in from my dayglo childhood it is the perfect pairing of skate culture and punk rock. I may not be Rodney Recloose or Bionic Lester from the OG Nintendo game Skate or Die, or a young Sam Rockwell in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie but I can appreciate rebellion and plywood ramps. These go together like early Wu-Tang and Mortal Kombat arcade games so head down to RampArt at 8 p.m. to enjoy Portland's hardcore wonders Long Knife ($6). It's an all-ages show with a bar for those with ID and the full spectrum of local punk bands will provide support, from the straightforward approach of The ChainLinks to the thrashy weirdness of Smooth Weirdos to fantastic poli-sci sounds of The Cissies and SLOP.

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