Music Tonight: Monday, August 6


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Cameron Stallones is a masterful mixologist of all things bright and beat-driven from early surf rock to classic reggae. Under the moniker Sun Araw he makes echoplex magic where once stood only disparate genres and imposing musical sanctions. I like the tunes I have heard on his Bandcamp page and his Drag City records releases, even if they make me feel a little bit like I drank cough syrup behind the wheel of Doc Brown's DeLorean and landed in 1960s Jamaica in the Trojan Records office. Being an amateur time-traveler and being high on lean don't mix, however, so I ended up operating at a different frame rate than reality, condemned to live out my days as a sort of hazy, pixelated future-ghost. Want to know what the hell I am talking about? Come to this show at the Miniplex tonight at 8:30 p.m. ($10). Also appearing will be Oakland's looping timeshifter Sharkiface and local support by Perras and comma comma.


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