Music Tonight: Wednesday, Oct. 31


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It's the big spooky night so here's some midweek fun for all of you ghouls. RampArt skatepark has an all-ages punk rock covers show going down at 8 p.m. Members of The Buffy Swayze and The Tweeners team up to play songs of The Cramps while Side Iron magically transforms into The Misfits. The Flying Hellfish — a delightful reference from the golden age of The Simpsons — opens the evenings with various covers. Just $5 gets you in the door, there is a bar for those with a valid ID and yes, of course, there is a costume contest.

Speaking of costume contests, Absynth Quartet is presiding over one during its Halloween Bash at Humbrews. Lovebush is in on the fun and the kick-off time is 9 p.m. ($15).

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