Music Tonight: Thursday, Nov. 1


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There's a big ol' electronic show happening over at the Arcata Theatre Lounge at 8:30 p.m. Random Rab is a West Coast electro-dance phenom known for tidally shifting the groove aesthetics of the room with deft sonic control and jazz fusion music cues. Jason Burruss and Anthny Jacobs join in ($15).

Darsombra is an inscrutable duo that plays music built for all-ages basement shows, condemned ballrooms, David Cronenberg-approved fish hatcheries and communist yoga studios. Do you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about? Good, then you have a clear head and are suitably prepared to check out their set at The Miniplex tonight. 9 p.m. ($7). Showing local flavor are the always impressive Ms. God and a solo-drone set by handsome man-about-town, Dan K., under the moniker Idyll. Get it.

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