Music Tonight: Tuesday, December 18


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The Siren's Song hosts an evening of folky far-left aligned political music as three Seattle bands merge with a local outfit to form a more perfect union of sound. The Window Smashing Job Creators play a folk punk blend with a touch of horns for that majestic edge while Geophasia is a similarly minded collective. The odd ducks on the touring bill would be Ghost Teeth, who have played here before and who are also steeped in the acoustic punk sound, albeit with a more hands-off approach to the serious side of lyricism. The excellent and eminently pure bluegrass and country sweethearts in Dead Bird Son will provide some of that priceless homegrown Humboldt stride with their je ne sais quoi oomph doling out some much needed down-home levity at 7 p.m. (price TBA).

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