Music Tonight: Sunday, Jan. 27


  • The Muppet Movie

I'm not usually a fan of movie musicals and with very few exceptions I avoid the genre like anything else that floats in the confluence of the waters of maudlin sentiment and big production budgets. However, I am not made of stone and even though I am not made of felt and fabric either, I still love The Muppet Movie. Having no emotional reaction to The Rainbow Connection, especially the couplet "What's so amazing/that keeps us stargazing?" should be added to the Dark Triad test for psychopathy and if the antics of these Muppets don't make you laugh out loud then I have no idea what will. Check out Kermit and company at The Arcata Theatre Lounge this evening at 6 p.m. for a revisit of their big screen debut ($5).

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