Music Tonight: Thursday, February 7


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It's the day between Hump Day and the end of the working week so here are two jam adjacent shows to help carry you home to the weekend. ALO — also known as Animal Liberation Orchestra in longform — is a quartet of groovy, noodling, tour-meisters who are signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records. If nothing in that previous sentence causes a violent allergic reaction, you should come over to Humbrews tonight at 8 p.m. to get down. Jam-grass act Horseshoes & Handgrenades opens ($20).

If you are averse to the previous show but still want to hear some loopy and fun music, I suggest you come over to the Redwood Curtain Brewery at the same hour for a free set by Tom Boylan, aka Holus Bolus. He's a one-man band who has made a name for himself playing the bars and clubs of the West Coast with his unique spacey tunes.

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