Music Tonight: Friday, Feb. 22


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Gearing up to full-bore carnival season requires an appreciation of the slow motion of both the winter thaw into spring and the stutter-start dance of ecstasy and repentance that comes with a full immersion into pre-Lent mysticism. Thankfully, you can find a free shortcut there this evening at The Miniplex at the premier of the musical short film ¡Gracias, Santiago! at 7 p.m. Filmmakers Oryan Peterson-Jones and Merrick McKinley will be on hand afterward to answer any questions about their Cuban carnival documentary.

Meanwhile over at Humbrews at 9 p.m., it's a rare Friday night installment of Soul Night. This edition is in honor of DJ Funky T-Rex's birthday so come join his cohorts DJ Red, DJ JayMorg and special guest from Portland, Oregon, DJ RED-I JEDI for a night of bee-day boi dancing. As always, the price is $5.

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