Your Dance Card is Full


  • Photo by Keenan Hinz, Submitted

There's a dance born every minute. At least that's the case this weekend at the eighth annual 1 Minute Dances, happening Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9 at 8 p.m. at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio ($5). The event brings artists from California, the larger U.S. and around the world together to share their love for movement and sound with an audience sitting in the round. Pared down to 60 seconds, each dance tells a succinct story. Don't miss this fast-paced showcase of dancers, actors, musicians and performance artists playing pieces that last just one minute.

Dancing Stars of Humboldt returns to the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts for its fourth year on Saturday, March 9 at 7 p.m. ($15). Watch Humboldt's finest dancers put their best foot forward in an evening of tapping, leaping, poppin' and more. This year's lineup is impressive, with more dancers than ever performing diverse dance styles including hip-hop, tap and jazz numbers. Catch Cuban Salsa troupe Arcata Rueda, Boogie-Woogie duo Cailan Halliday and Julia Clark, solos by Bizou Massias, Clairese Mayo and Jackson Rankin and company, apprentice dancers from North Coast Dance and more, with former anchorman and musical theatre performer Brad Curtis emceeing the show. In addition to giving young dancers a place to spread their wings and show their skills, the Dancing Stars program also raises money and awards scholarships. High-quality entertainment and philanthropy for a mere $15. Nice move.

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