Photos from SCRAP's Rebel Craft Rumble



With rain predicted this weekend, perhaps you need some indoor project inspiration. Peruse Mark McKenna's slideshow of last weekend's sixth annual SCRAP Humboldt Rebel Craft Rumble below and you're bound to have a creative breakthrough. The Iron-Chef-meets-Martha-Stewart cage match pits teams of glue gunslingers against one another for the title of Ultimate Supreme Craft Masters and an ever-growing trophy of alarming gaudiness.

Judges Mike Dronkers, last year's champs the R&C Craft Factory and Linda Wise scored the dueling duct tapers on their creative reuse projects, mostly unswayed by the blatant bribes. Meanwhile, the crowd ponied up cash for bonus craft materials to help out the teams.

After the plastic, felt and random shiny things settled, it was the Fabulous Fabricators who took home the win. But proceeds from the fundraiser benefit SCRAP's educational projects, including Camp SCRAP, so aren't we all winners?

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