You Need a Little 'Wonderful Fantastic'


Enjoy a mood lifting three minutes of the happiest music you'll hear all day in the some of the prettiest places in our neck of the woods. Raashan Ahmad's video for  "Wonderful Fantastic" is a joy-driven tour of Humboldt beaches and forest featuring local talents Jonny Woods and Brian Swizlo of Object Heavy. We defy you not to tap your toes and challenge you to spot all the locations in the video below.

Woods, who’s had to pull back from Object Heavy and touring since he became a father four months ago, was happy to contribute his part close to (and in) his home. Santa Fe-based Ahmad was staying at Woods’ former bandmate Swizlo’s place for a few days last year when Woods stopped by. “I sat on his couch 15 minutes before I had to go to work and laid down that chorus,” he said, adding that he worked on more of the song on and off over the next year. Ian Taylor, also of Object Heavy, even recorded with him in Woods’ home, sitting on his bed. “Literally without leaving my house,” says Woods with a laugh.

The video shoot was even more spur of the moment. Ahmad, who has a following in France, felt the big trees would appeal to an overseas audience so when he and DJ Just One were both in town, they decided to jump on the two-hour window hour window they had to shoot. Conveniently enough, Arcata Community Park is right down the street from Woods’ home. “We just drove around chasing the sunlight for a while and ended up on the beach,” Woods says. And that just sounds like a wonderful, fantastic idea any time.

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