Sara Bareilles and Guy Fieri are Taking COVID-19 Seriously and So Should You


Yesterday People reported that Eureka's singer-songwriter and person who's made me cry with songs about pie Sara Bareilles announced on an Instagram story that she contracted but fully recovered from COVID-19. “I had it, just so you know. I’m fully recovered, just so you know,” she says in the video as she takes what appears to be a very responsible socially distant solo walk. Along with some shots of squirrels and pigeons, she adds, “I am just thinking about all of the people who are walking through this really tricky time and sending a lot of love and just being really grateful for every easy breath and every day that I get to be walking around.” So no, having the voice of an angel who knows my soul does not protect you from the virus. Stay home. 
Sara Bareilles shares her COVID-19 recovery on social media. - FROM INSTAGRAM STORIES
  • From Instagram stories
  • Sara Bareilles shares her COVID-19 recovery on social media.

Meanwhile, Ferndale's celebrity chef, restaurateur and greasy-spoon enthusiast who knows my gastronomic shame Guy Fieri is back at relief efforts. Instead of firefighters, this time the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives star is teaming up with the National Restaurant Association to get some cash into the hands of restaurant workers who've been laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eater reports that the association has previously opposed sick leave and wage hikes for those same workers, but its work with Fieri under the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund is specifically aimed at cutting $500 grants for them. Let's hope a little Donkey Sauce can warm the organization's hearts and open its wallets. Fieri is doing his part to help. Do your part and stay the Flavortown home.

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