You've Got Time for This: Dorsie the Porcupine's Snacktrack


Who makes chewing, smacking, eating-with-your-mouth-open noises delightful? This little guy over at Sequoia Park Zoo. Dorsie, a North American porcupine, enjoys a healthy and musical breakfast of veggies — and illustrates that a certain cuteness factor can override the effects of misophonia, a disorder where people have abnormally strong and negative reactions to sounds like chewing. At least it did in this sufferer.

Dorsie's snacktrack was shared on Sequoia Park Zoo's Facebook page yesterday as part of their mystery audio challenge where viewers try to guess what animal is making a sound based on just an audio clip. Answers in the comment section ranged from red panda to gibbon to beaver to raccoon — with one person correctly guessing porcupine. 

We love it. Thanks for sharing, Sequoia Park Zoo. Snack on and smack on, Dorsie! You're adorbs.

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