Photos: Sand Sculpture Kick-off


On Saturday, five teams of artists working in wet sand gave live sculpting demonstrations as the month-long Dispersed Sand Sculpture event got underway at the ocean beach west of the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center.

Sponsored by Friends of the Dunes, the 27th annual Sand Sculpture Festival again  invites sculpting teams to participate during July while dispersed on any public Humboldt County beach to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Participants are invited to send photos of their sand sculptures to Friends of the Dunes, post photos on social media, vote for their favorites and enter to win prizes.
"We thought about scaling up the event a little this year," said Mike Cipra, executive director of FOD, "but concluded that it was too soon to do that. We want everyone to be really careful and stay healthy and to celebrate the coast. Today's event was also a nice tie-in today with our regular volunteer restoration day activities." Get more information about how to participate here.  

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