TBAM: Getting Classy in Trinidad


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In Why Trinidad is One of the Best Places to Recreate in Summer news, it’s weekend number one of the Trinidad Bay Art & Music Festival, which brings live classical music by world-class musicians — and a pop-up visual art gallery — to the seaside town the weekends of Aug. 5-7 and Aug. 12-14 ($200 TBAM FestPass or $30 per concert, $15 students per concert). Many favorite artists return this year, like Daniela Mineva, Peter Kibbe, David Powell, Terrie Baune, Carol Jacobson and John Chernoff, among others, performing concerts in the beautiful Holy Trinity Church and Trinidad Town Hall. There will also be artwork by Tom Allen, Matt Dodge, Reuben Mayes, Paul Rickard and Jeff Stanley. Get detailed information about the concerts and artists at www.TBAMFest.com. Attendees must present proof of COVID vaccination.

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