Music Tonight: Saturday, Nov. 12


  • Photo by Max Alo
  • Sports
The Arcata Theatre Lounge is hosting a Harvester’s Ball with EDM DJ acts, so I guess there must still be whisps and vapors left in the tank of our county’s flailing cannabis industry. At 9 p.m. and for $20 ($15 if you pay in advance), you will find David Starfire, Savaj, Akritza and Dissolv making the big sounds on the big stage.

An hour earlier over at the Miniplex, a different kind of party will be going down, helmed by Tulsa duo Sports, whose sound is a funky collection of pop harmonies and roller-disco-rock gems, stitched together by jackknife turns from the beats and samples. Joining these Okie boys as co-headliners are the Bay Area’s Hot Flash Heat Wave, a trio that, while still within the first decade of its minting, has built a sound that thumbs through your vinyl with sticky fingers and kicks out the most energetic jams, regardless of specific genre, although art punk is a common
denominator. And finally, there’s Sipper, a group from New York City and the youngest act on the bill. Powerfully prolific since its inception in 2019, this one is a bedroom band firing cannons out the windows at the world’s dance floors ($15, $10 advance). Read this week's full Setlist here

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