Music Tonight: Sunday, Nov. 13


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Here’s a quirky show over at Blondies. Portland’s Foot Ox recently got some footing when one of its tracks “Angel Eyes and Basketball” went semi-viral on TikTok, that open-user platform whose hyper-quick videos are annihilating the membrane-thin attention spans of at least one generation like a purifying supernova. But don’t hold that against Foot Ox, whose sonic collages are actually pretty charming, if mildly annoying. Included on the bill are some new Arcata acts, including The Guiding Water and New Saturday Mourning Light Through a Window, a project by soundmeister Chini, who is definitely not trying to beat any landspeed records with that new name. Fuck it, I’ll go. At 9 p.m. for $5. Read this week's full Setlist here

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