Music Tonight: Monday, Dec. 5


  • photo by Josh Beavers
  • Goon
Los Angeles’ Goon has been around for less than a decade but in that time has built a unique, nocturnal sound around a line-up that includes a member of indie rock minimalist masters Spoon. The sound, like the name Goon, seems so catchy and obvious I’m surprised it hadn’t been snatched up already: Thoughtful songs built around grunge-y post rock that isn’t distorted so much as it is ground-up enough to be sublimated. Like if the radiator in Eraserhead picked up the signal from a long gone, early-’90s college radio station. The northern chunk of the West Coast gets repped tonight too, as Vancouver’s poppy Bridal Party is along for the ride. As to a local opener? Well, that remains to be seen, but with the relatively early 8 p.m. show at the Miniplex, anything goes ($15, $12 advance).

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