Music Tonight: Friday, Dec.9


The Sturgeons - SUBMITTED
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  • The Sturgeons
Every so often there’s a band that I find myself writing about repeatedly that simply occupies its own territory in the landscape of our culture. One of those lurching mutants that scuttles around the margins of society with enough force to overcome its oddness and allow it to exist as a rolling juggernaut. Well, tonight you can catch two of those bands on the same bill. I am, of course, talking about the show at the Jam tonight at 8 p.m., where Captured By Robots joins forces with The Sturgeons. The latter is my favorite weirdo heavy metal power trio in all of Humco, while the former has to be seen to be believed: one man, backed up by an animatronic band of robotic musicians, spraying out grinding metal for the lucky elect among the audience ($15). Huzzah.

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