Horror Fun at Arcata Theatre Lounge


This dreary weather makes for perfect scary movie watching — hunkering down in a dark theater, safe and dry, with primo food/beverages available nearby, while the rain beats down. The Arcata Theatre Lounge has got you covered. Literally. Order a round of sliders and sides, popcorn, drinks and desserts, and settle in for an evening or two of terror this week. First up is Sam Raimi’s horror/comedy masterpiece Evil Dead 2 (1987) playing as the Midnight Movie on Friday, Jan. 6. Preshow at 11 p.m. ($8). Come back Wednesday, Jan. 11, for Sci-Fi Night, when the ATL will be showing the South Korean-Japanese monster movie juggernaut The Host (2006) with curated pre-show at 6 p.m. Feature film at 7 p.m. ($5, $9 admission and poster).

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