Music Tonight: Saturday, Sept. 16


Brazil is a massive nation whose considerable size and diversity is met and matched by its cultural exports, particularly its musicians. We were blessed recently with a visit by the groundbreaking psychedelic Tropicalia band Os Mutantes, and tonight we are once again treated to the presence of another, albeit more contemporary, innovative artist from the largest nation in South America. Rogê is a singer, songwriter and (mainly classical) guitarist whose work pushes the samba of his homeland into new mutations with pop and world music. He has
a great many collaborations on his CV, including with the breakthrough Brazilian songsmith Seu Jorge and the massively popular soft surf rocker Jack Johnson, with whom he released two tunes last year. He’s a hard cat to pin down genre-wise, to be honest, but talented in a way few musicians can translate so effortlessly across cultures. This is going to be a great show, I can just feel it. And it’s going down in the intimate space of the Miniplex, with a ticket price ($18, $15
advance) that seems like a steal. Do yourself a favor and check out this one at 9 p.m. It’s my certified pick of the week.

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