Music Tonight: Friday, May 10


Bass-heavy electronic dance music comes with nearly as many subgenre titles as it does artists, and I’ve never been very interested in getting too far out there in terms of cataloging, preferring instead to go by my own impressions of the sounds pasted together with a little artist info gleaned from my research. Tsuruda and Onhell are two DJs on a tour called “sushirrito,” a nod to the half-Asian background of the former and the half-Mexican background of the latter. They first crossed paths in a Humco trim scene back in the early 20-teens, when such places
still existed in abundance, and the sounds produced by the two reflect that background to a T. Deep bass, post-U.K. dubstep dance tunes for woodland/urban hybrid, fairy-dusted psychonauts. If that interests you, swing by the Arcata Theatre Lounge at 9 p.m. to relive some of the glory days of the industry ($25, $20 advance).

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