Music Tonight: Saturday, June 15


Every so often I get to hop up on the table and cause a little ruckus by kicking off the cutlery and breaking some dinnerware in the service of crowing about a can’t-miss, great show put on by artists from the misty lost days in my old home of New Orleans. Tonight is just such a hoedown, because one of the most strange and fantastic duos from the 504 are playing in the 707. I am, of course, talking about the Quintron and Miss Pussycat show at the Miniplex at 9 p.m. ($20, $15). Come hear Q’s homemade drum machines and bespoke electronic Wurlitzer warlock whirlpools of glorious sound spun around the supernatural puppetry theatrics of Miss P. Delightful nighttime antics spin and crackle in my cherished memories from the Spellcaster Lodge, pre-Katrina times of my wild youth. These two are living treasures of the world, and their place in the epicenter home of the greats of my favorite city in the universe is as certain as the restless weight of the Mississippi River. Stop reading this babble and go see them!

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