Music Today: Sunday, July 7


Humboldt Hot Air, our region’s free internet radio station and a beacon of the off-beat and pulse for the proper goods since KHSU was assassinated, is holding a fundraising fest today at the Arcata Playhouse and adjacent areas. This free, all-ages “fun-raising” event will feature two stages for live music, vendors, food trucks, a vinyl record sale and much more. Some of the excellent bands on board include Datura Blues, Shiny Eyes, Henpecker (back in the saddle again), Dinner Service (I can’t be the only one who has missed this band due to a literal interpretation of the name), Barking Dogma, Mo’Love and more. It’s an eight-hour event, so even if you miss the noon starting whistle, there are many pockets of pleasure to distract over the course of the day.

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