Music Tonight: Wednesday, July 10


Humbrews hosts the next-generation of a beloved talent — and his late, famous, jam band King of Hearts friend and cohort — at 8 p.m. tonight for $25, a sum I guarantee many of you in the jam world will be seriously considering after reading below. The Sam Grisman Project is helmed by the son of David Grisman, pioneering mandolinist who was often the partner of Jerry Garcia when the latter felt like breaking out the acoustics, chucking the amps and digging out old songbooks and new to babble some folk, bluegrass, jazz and beyond. This fusion was dubbed by the duo “dawg music,” with an emphasis on bringing new life into old forms and sharing the often excellent results with all people everywhere. The younger Grisman has dedicated his considerable abilities and those of his players to preserving and expanding on this theme. The new crop of dawgs. And why not? Seems a more noble use of his skills than what a lot of legacy kids get up to. Check it out.

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