Puff Piece


Annie's cheese puffs: they're good for the baby. - JENNIFER FUMIKO CAHILL
  • Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
  • Annie's cheese puffs: they're good for the baby.

Previously, I had scoffed at cheese puffs (crab or otherwise) as something only a novice would order at an Asian restaurant. When my pregnant friend raved about the little golden triangles, I dismissed it as a hormonal craving.

That said, I have tasted the puffs at Annie's Cambodian Cuisine, and lo, they are good. Crispy, bubbly wonton skins that show up hot and filled with melted cream cheese and scallions. Add a dab of chili oil to the sweet sauce they come with and revel in an appetizer that hits every one of your deserving taste buds. The smallest order is three for $1.50, and you get six for $2.75, but in a moment of honesty we got a dozen to split and left no puff behind.

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