Real Men Eat Chevre



Umm, we totally ate Truffle Tremor and Lighthouse Grill burgers before they were cool. 

But we're still happy to see them getting all famous. Queen Oprah has knighted Cypress Grove's Truffle Tremor (via the as one of her favorite things. You can read about her plans to put it in a "Love Sandwich" for Stedman on her website, or you can listen to British bad-ass Jason Statham recite it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

Meanwhile, the Nov./Dec. issue of AAA's Via magazine tags the Lighthouse Grill, home of our favorite meat and potatoes waffle cone, as a member favorite for its hamburgers. Janine Volkmar wrote in to praise the "burgers made with grass-fed beef, home-baked buns, and lots of love." It's even better when you imagine it in the voice of an English ruffian.  

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