Doughnut Evolution


Behold the next step in doughnut evolution. - JASON MARAK
  • Jason Marak
  • Behold the next step in doughnut evolution.
Last year, New York City was brought to its knees by the Cronut, a doughnut made from croissant pastry. Let that sink in. It's taken this long for the flaky phenomenon to make it to Humboldt (not a huge surprise, given the lingering mullets around town), and it's shown up in the most unlikely place: Safeway. Who saw that coming?

For $5 for a box of four, you can find out what happens when you deep fry an already buttery croissant and glaze it. The result is a delightfully chewy, puffy-layered cousin to the French cruller. While it's still technically breakfast/office appropriate, it's not out of the question to serve it for dessert. How long before the sugar-coated mash-up hits the fryers in our local doughnut shops? Keep a weather eye out and let us know if you spot one. 

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