Is Brunch Dead?


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A breakfast club worth joining. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER FUMIKO CAHILL
  • Photo by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
  • A breakfast club worth joining.
A few weeks ago, iconic pop star and holder of Champagne flutes Mariah Carey declared brunch over. On some level, she may be right. We may be done waiting in line (Mimi would never) to pay through the nose for swanky, Instagram-ready cloud eggs and a pass to day drink. But old-fashioned brunch — the big breakfast that forgives your rolling out of bed just shy of noon and gives you a pass to day drink and possibly return to said bed — will never be over.

I offer you Big Blue Cafe's (846 G St., Arcata) hefty, unglamorous Breakfast Club sandwich as evidence ($10.99). Like a heartier and more Californian Monte Cristo, it's built on French toast and stuffed with turkey, thin bacon, sliced avocado and pepper jack. The bread is firm and chewy enough to support the volume, especially if you're up for blurring the line between sweet and savory with the accompanying syrup. Your server will alert you that real maple syrup is available for $1.49 and if you can't see why that's utterly worth it, then you have chosen your path and I will not try to win you over. (Taps fingers and stares out window.) Yes, I will. It's a pittance when you're already out for a meal and the earthy, floral taste is beautiful and worlds better than the slick, artificial stuff. When the syrup runs into your home fries — which are best ordered extra crispy — and you are flooded with happy pre-Instagram diner memories, you'll know you made the right choice. Then you can go right back to bed, content.


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