Morning, Porkchop


Free your mind with chicken fried pork. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER FUMIKO CAHILL
  • Photo by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
  • Free your mind with chicken fried pork.

So if we're willing to blur the line between breakfast and lunch, we may as well luge down the slippery slope to dinner. We're really only an order of steak and eggs away. Abandon labels and be free.

Well, at least until Cafe Waterfront (102 F St., Eureka) stops serving breakfast around 11 a.m. We got a tip chicken fried pork chop was on the specials board ($13.95) and followed it up, though to be honest it could have been chicken fried hammers and we'd still have tried it once.

The dinner-sized cut of pork is crusted with seasoned bread crumbs, rather than a traditional flour coating, making it closer to a schnitzel, but it's glorious and we're not hung up on labels anymore, remember? The meat itself is tender and juicy enough to serve without the accompanying cascade of caramel-tinted pan gravy, which is rich and picks up the flavor of the Parmesan in the breadcrumbs. It's flanked by a couple of lovely eggs and herbed potatoes. Before you choose your toast, consider the cinnamon and almond coffee cake, a warm square of which is a breakfast/brunch game changer. Does it count as dessert? Tsk. Labels.

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