Oyster Fest Shucks Crowds for Virtual Event


As the days grow warmer and COVID-19 lingers, bivalve enthusiasts have wondered what's to become of the 30th annual Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, née Oyster Fest. Today the answer came, at least partially, from Arcata Main Street's Facebook page and website. The all-day seafood, beer and music binge is going virtual on June 20. "We plan to show a different, more informational side of our oysters, the Arcata Bay, our local breweries and restaurants by creating an interactive virtual experience," the post announces.
  • From the Arcata Main Street website
Arcata Main Street, for which the festival is the single largest source of revenue, also teases available DIY food and drink kits to enjoy while streaming the event. The artwork on the organization's website still includes oyster farmers, chefs, the annual Best Oyster competition, live music and DJs, as well as history and an "HSU House Party." That last one might be literal.

Our current pandemic and the social distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19 put the kibosh on mass gatherings until state and county health officials declare the area ready for stage four opening and the end of shelter in place. With the Humboldt County Fair canceled outright and the Mad River Festival postponed, it will be interesting to see how the notoriously crowded Oyster Fest adapts to a new platform. At least you won't have to walk around foggy Humboldt with an Oyster Fest sunburn or have out-of-town beer spilled on you by some guy in neon Oakleys. We'll update with more details on the event as they come out.

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