Frankie's Develops a Sweet Tooth


Since shelter in place, Frankie Baker has scaled back. Where once a trio sliced and slung bagels in the Redwood Acres bakery, there's only Frankie's NY Bagels' namesake, baking and selling online orders for pick-up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Now those orders include a shifting lineup of desserts.
Taste the rainbow cookies. - SUBMITTED
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  • Taste the rainbow cookies.
Painstaking Italian rainbow cookies ($2.50), the first cookie everybody snatches off the assorted tray from bakeries back East, are in the rotation. The stacked layers of almond-rich cake with jam in between and chocolate on top are originally Jewish and not really cookies, but that's what they're called. And as I've said before, cheesecake is pie and Boston cream pie is cake, so free yourself from arbitrary binary constructions. 

New York cheesecake with slivered almonds. - SUBMITTED
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  • New York cheesecake with slivered almonds.

Speaking of which, there is cheesecake ($25). Will it be blueberry? Colored sprinkles with Oreo crust? The changing website menu will tell but it will definitely be in the firm, crumb-crusted New York tradition. And the aforementioned Boston cream pie is set to debut this week in the form of a filled and frosted doughnut (price TBA) on Wednesday.

Boston cream pie, which is cake, as a doughnut. Discuss. - SUBMITTED
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  • Boston cream pie, which is cake, as a doughnut. Discuss.
Other classics include pizzelles (five for $7 plain, three for $5 for chocolate dipped) and powdery Russian tea cakes (four for $6), aka Mexican wedding cookies or Greek wedding cookies — like I said, free yourself. Orders are through the website on Monday for Wednesday pickup, and Thursday and Friday for Saturday pickup.

Stacks of crisp pizzelles. - SUBMITTED
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  • Stacks of crisp pizzelles.

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