The Peg House is Up for Sale


According to an SFGate story by former Journal staffer Ashley Harrell, now the outlet’s associate editor covering California parks, owners Diana Ballard-Doll and Gary Ballard are ready to sell the iconic burger pit stop to the right people for a cool $3 million. That includes 5.5 acres of land, the general store, the burger joint/patio/stage and the gas station. Their hope is to find new owners who'll run it all with the same community spirit they have. Ballard-Doll is quoted saying, “No one goes by here hungry or thirsty. If they’re cold, we give them a blanket. If the park is closed, people know they can come here and put up a tent on the stage. When there’s a fire, everyone knows the Peg House is a safe spot, and they come park here.”

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Even if you're not looking to invest, the story is a fascinating trip down Peg House history, starting with its first white settlers and the lumber industry, the start of the shop in the 1920s, and the visitors and psychedelic concerts it has hosted over the decades. And, of course, and the burgers folks "never don't stop" for.

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