Costco Brings Back Samples ... to Go


For some of us, it's the simple things from the pre-pandemic days that bring about a wistful sigh. Like the slow cruise around Costco, casually sidling up to an end-cap cart for a toothpick-impaled ravioli. Or two. (We see you.) And yet it was with some concern that word spread of the return of samples. The wholesale chain is indeed handing out Cheez-Its and cookies again, you just have to take them outside to nibble. 

According to store staff, the workers at sample stations, both employees and third-party vendors, are explaining the featured products and sliding over pre-bagged portions for customers to take outside while maintaining distance. Eating is still banned on site (down your fro-yo in your car like everyone else) and masks are still required at all times. Senior hours are still Monday through Friday from 9 to 10 a.m. 

The same staff said customers have been following the rules well, though at least one person lost their temper over the protocols set by corporate offices and county guidelines. If you're that pressed about not getting samples, allow me to help: Gummy vitamins are weird but better than pills; you already know the Lindt truffle balls are bomb; salami is never bad; Cheez-Its remain unchanged, as do granola bars; and if you're truly hungry, the pizza is like a buck 50. Splurge and mind your manners.

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